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The Americas Best MySpace Comments project provides free MySpace Comment Pictures with simple cut-n-paste HTML code for all your MySpace comments, profiles, etc.

Want jokes to post as MySpace bulletins? Check out Simply Frogg or the latest jokes and sarcastic remarks posted on Da' Blakk Frogg Joke Blog!

Girls for MySpace? Yes! Get FREE Celebrity Glamour Girls, Lightspeed Girls and many others!

And let us not forget the brand new, funky fresh Adult MySpace Comments site and MySpace Sarcasm sites! They kick ass, take names, and issue speeding tickets to drunken snails on a daily basis!

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Don't stop now! You're missing out on the latest and greatest entry on Da' Blakk Frogg Joke Blog! It gets multiple updates daily and smells like.... hot, sweaty antelope!

10/30/2015: Halloween Tips and Tricks… for 2015 For one evening each year children (and candy-starved adults) get to run around the neighborhood dressed up in strange clothing… while asking for sweet, tasty treats guaranteed to keep dentists in business for a long time to come. To help children make the most of their Halloween experience, The Onion put together a list of […] read more!

Now see the site that started it all: The Americas-Best.Com Sarcasm/Humor Site has plenty of odd crap to keep you amused for days on end! Unable to open RSS Feed with error HTTP ERROR: 500, exiting


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    The infamous Blakk Frogg created sites like Da' Blakk Frogg Joke Blog, Americas Best, Simply Frogg and others so that he could share the funny, sarcastic, obnoxious, sexy and sometimes sickeningly strange pictures, jokes and commentaries that cross his computer screen. Blakk Frogg's ever-popular Girls for MySpace site just kinda' happened because... Blakk Frogg likes pretty girls. Is that so WRONG?

    Check back often for updates 'cuz Blakk Frogg adds new stuff all the time! Why? Because it keeps him from doing any REAL work. :P



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